What to expect when you apply for guaranteed mobile phone contracts

While a lot has been said about guaranteed mobile phones some bordering on the absurd, the truth of the matter is that the quintessential role that guaranteed mobile phones play in the contemporary society cannot be underscored. What was billed as impossible a few years ago has now become the modus operandi and with it an increasing number of UK citizenry who can now avail a mobile phone contract even with their credit score in the doldrums. Many believed that guaranteed mobile phones were just hot air that would not stand the test of time when the idea was first mooted but the naysayers have indeed been disapproved.

If you are thinking of applying for guaranteed mobile phones for the first time, there are a number of things that you need to expect or be conversant with.


Unlike standard mobile contracts, you are always almost guaranteed of an approval regardless of your credit score when you apply for guaranteed mobile phone contracts. Guaranteed mobile phones do not have stringent requirements as is the case with standard contracts. The credit checks bottlenecks placed by standard mobile contracts are an alien phenomenon when it comes to guaranteed contracts. As such, approval is almost always guaranteed irrespective of how bad or poor your credit score is.

Contract length

Guaranteed mobile contracts tend to have a prolonged contract period as compared to ordinary contracts. While people with a healthy history have leeway to choose the contract length they so desire, the same cannot be said of guaranteed contracts. Providers tend to put a minimum length anywhere from 18 months and the maximum contractual length is up to the applicant.

Credit checks

Credit checks are mandatory in the UK and so they must be carried out prior to mobile contract approval. However, the difference lies in the fact that guaranteed mobile phone contracts do not use your credit score as a determining factor as whether to approve your contract or not. However, please note that there are providers who set the minimum lowest credit score before they can approve your application. You therefore need to choose your provider carefully.


There is no denying that guaranteed mobile contracts have given UK citizens with a poor credit rating a new lease of life. However, if you are applying for this kind of contract under the belief that you will enjoy the same benefits as those with a standard contract, you are mistaken. Guaranteed contracts tend to have fewer benefits as compared to standard contracts. You should therefore expect fewer minutes in a month, data bundles as well as text messages.

Upfront payment

While those with bad credit have over 90% guarantee of approval, most UK providers require that you pay a small sum as an upfront deposit before you can be approved for a plan. Ordinarily, this upfront payment is refunded to the applicant at the expiry of the contract provided that the applicant meets their contractual obligations.


Applying for a guaranteed mobile phone contract does not mean that you cannot upgrade to a better plan. If you are steadfast and committed to making your monthly payments without fail or defaulting, you can always ask your provider to upgrade your plan to a better one.