Do I have guarantee of approval with guaranteed mobile phone contracts

We have the highest acceptance rates in the market and therefore we can assure you of an approval provided that you meet all the requirements. While 100% guarantee is not possible, you can rest assured in the knowledge that we have help over 90% of our customers get approved for a mobile phone contract.

What are the basic requirements to be approved for guaranteed mobile phone contract?

To qualify for this kind of contract, you need to be a person of legal age, be a resident of the larger United Kingdom and furnish us with proof of income. In certain circumstances, we might also require you to make a small upfront payment.

Are guaranteed mobile phone contracts only for people with a poor credit rating?

Primarily, this contract was meant for individuals who had perennially been declined a mobile phone contract because of their poor credit rating. It was designed to bring equality and bridge the gap between those with a healthy credit history and those with a poor credit history. However, this does not mean that only those with bad credit or a poor credit score can apply for this kind of contract. Anyone who wants to rebuild their credit score can apply too. This contract is also instrumental for those who want to build their credit ratings from scratch.

What are the instances in which my application for a guaranteed mobile phone contract might be rejected?

In as much as we promise you a guarantee of approval even if you have bad credit, there are instances in which we might be forced to reject your application. Please take note that your application can never be rejected based on the status of your credit score. One instance through which we might be forced to reject your application is if you make errors while filling your application form. When this happens, we advise you to correct the errors and we will approve your application within no time. The second instance is when you intentionally provide false information during the application process. This is an act of dishonesty and of course leads to permanent disqualification!

Can I apply for the latest mobile phone handset?

Unfortunately, we try as much as possible to mitigate the risks on our side and therefore cannot approve you for the latest handset such as an iPhone 6 plus or the latest Samsung galaxy handset. However, if you take measures to commit yourself to mitigate the risks on our side by making a small upfront fee, we can approve you for the latest iPhone.

What mobile handsets are available for me to choose from?

We have diverse mobile phones from which you can choose from. It doesn’t matter whether you have an affinity for LG handsets, HTC handsets, Motorola handsets, Microsoft handsets, iPhones and Samsung galaxy phones released in the past years or any other kind of handset you yearn for. We always give you choices and you can get access to any kind of phone you so wish for.

Is it mandatory for me to pay an upfront deposit before I can be approved for a mobile phone?

No. it’s not mandatory for you to pay an upfront deposit. However, if you are seeking to apply for the latest releases, we require you to pay a small deposit sum which is of course refunded to you at the expiry of your contract provided that you met your contractual obligations. You can also make an upfront deposit if you want a better deal than what is currently open to you.