SE Phones

Having a poor credit rating can seem like a death sentence especially when basic rights are denied to you. You find yourself distressed and anxious every time you seek to apply for a mobile phone contract that you can’t help but cross your fingers hoping for the best. Considering that a mobile phone is no longer a luxury but an extension of us, the trend of blatant rejections for people with bad credit is worrisome to say the least. It is for this reason that SE Phones Started offering guaranteed mobile phone contracts with the sole objective of helping thousands of UK citizens with a poor credit rating avail a mobile phone contract.

As a reputable and credible top tier provider, we have been steadfast in assisting thousands of individuals with a poor credit rating snag a mobile phone plan of their choice without feeling victimized or discriminated based on their credit score. As the name implies, our customers can be guaranteed of an approval provided that they meet the minimum basic requirements. We believe in going beyond the call of duty to meet and exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers.

What we stand for

At SE Phones, we stand for equality and that is why we work around the clock to ensure that those with a healthy as well as poor credit rating are treated equally when it comes to the application and approval of mobile phone contracts. Our guaranteed mobile phone contracts are designed to bridge the gap between those with a healthy credit score and those with a poor credit score. We also stand for efficiency and always do everything within our power to ensure that guaranteed mobile phone contracts are approved within the shortest time possible.

What makes us stand out

As SE Phones, we offer a wide range of guaranteed mobile phone plans from which our UK customers can choose one that is in tandem with their needs. We try as much as possible to help each and every customer that comes to us with a poor credit rating get approved for a mobile phone contract. Our customer personnel have undergone the right training, understand what needs to be done to avail the best plans and offer reliable and credible professional advice to our customers. Our approval process is fast and we offer the most affordable plans without carrying out credit checks.

Why you should choose us

We believe in the principle of equality and abhor discrimination that is very rampant in the mobile contracting industry on the basis of good and poor credit score. We strongly believe that a poor credit score is not always a function of financial mismanagement or irresponsibility and therefore do everything in our power to ensure that we give equal opportunities to our customers. We fast track the approval process and also offer the most affordable plans you could ever find anywhere else. Our professionalism coupled with the fact that we have high acceptance rates is more the reason as to why you should choose us and do business with us.


If you have been searching for a provider that acts on applications within the shortest time possible, please apply now and receive your handset within 24 hours or 48 hours in the latest. However, you could personally pick up your phone from our offices if you are unwilling to wait that long for the handset to be delivered to you.